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The Jump

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

 Twice now I've left great jobs after fairly long tenures of success to try something new.  Each time as I tell my story I see it in the eyes of the listeners; half of them think I'm crazy and the other half want to come with me! 

After the first experience I realized that the most difficult part is "the jump", the actual moment when you take the first action that you can't turn back from.  Even though I may have professionally "jumped" twice now it doesn't mean I didn't consider all the options and then plan everything out the best I could before jumping. If I am going to jump yes, there is some risk, but I want it to be a calculated risk. Planning is imperative with any new venture, but there is plenty that can't be planned for, or controlled, and sometimes you just have to go for it.

Author and leadership expert John Maxwell says, "sometimes you just have to jump and let the wings form as you fall."


If you are thinking about jumping in life, no matter how big or small the decision, there is naturally going to be some fear. As I look back in hindsight now I would say that the most rewarding part has to be the growth that takes place in the trust of it all.  There is nothing like it! The old truth holds true, "without risk, there is no reward".

D-Day, June 4, 1944, Tom Rice was one of the thousands of parachute jumpers that were ordered to jump behind enemy mines as a part of the largest military operation of WWII. I can not even imagine the fear Tom faced. Tom, said that it was the "worst jump I ever had", bullets were flying everywhere and one even went through his parachute. But, just a few days ago, June 4, 2019 at the D-Day celebration just off the beaches of Normandy, France, Tom at 97 years old did it again, and this time it was a jump of celebration, remembrance and joy.

Take a look at the video below and notice the satisfaction in Tom's voice as he speaks.

Life's journey, even for those brave enough to jump, doesn't guarantee success. If the result doesn't exactly turn out as expected, the growth that takes place during the jump period far outweighs the fear that is surely to come. For us, we are not asked to risk our lives and I am so grateful to Tom and all those who jumped and even sacrificed their lives for freedom.

So, if you are thinking about jumping (in metaphorical terms); from one jumper to another:

"it's worth it!"

Q: Have you every jumped into something new? What was it like? Did you have fear? Was it worth it?

Troy Vande Lune

Leadership Coach

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