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Life is so fast!

How do I get ahead of things when life is so fast?


I have such good intentions, I really want to get that done, but before I know it the moment is past. It seems what I am left with is just surviving. How can I change that surviving to really thriving. Everyone says to "just live in the moment", but when I live in the moment, it's gone before I can even act.

This past memorial day weekend some of the "boys" in my family were able to get away to attend the 103rd running of the Indianapolis 500. AMAZING!!! It is so much better live than on television. I couldn't believe how fast those cars went by. The track, "the Brickyard" they call it, is 2 miles long. I timed it on my watch and it only took about 30 seconds for the cars to get around before they were back again. Whew! Top speed was somewhere around 230 mph. Take a look...

I was having a hard time even watching, because when I looked directly in front at the cars passing I could hardly see them, the cars were a blur. it was all happening too fast. So, I had to adjust:

I learned that if I glanced back and then looked forward I could see a whole lot more.

Now just imagine the drivers, their decision time was even quicker than my watching adjustment. I realized that they were doing the same thing, glancing back and looking forward only at a quicker pace. Every move they made was actually planned strategically from the previous lap, they were glancing back and moving forward.

What a great realization for life: if we want to thrive and not just survive, we need to glance back and look forward, just like the drivers planning our steps strategically before the moment happens.

How do you "glance back and move forward"?

Troy Vande Lune

Leadership Coach


(that's my C.B. handle)

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