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Passionate About Inspiring Others

The last 14 years I have been working with college students as they have recognized their emerging qualities of leadership.  Prior to this I worked for over 20 years in church ministry developing leaders of all ages.


Twice during that time I left great jobs after fairly long tenures of success to try something new. 


Each time as I tell my story I see it in the eyes of the listeners; half of them think I'm crazy and the other half want to come with me! 


I realized that the most difficult part of any new venture or change is the jump.  Author and leadership expert John Maxwell says, "sometimes you just have to jump and let the wings form as you fall." 


As I look back and as I look forward the most rewarding part is the awareness, growth and sheer joy that takes place in the trust of it all.  There is nothing like it!


I am passionate about helping individuals and teams identify where they are at, where they really want to go and how to get there. 

I love to start new things while having an appreciation for old things (thanks Grandma), movies with my wife, spending time with my adult kids, seeing new things in new places, basketball, snow skiing, breakfast with my mom and dad, disc golf, mountain streams, iced tea in the summer, hot tea in the winter, 80's music, and family and friends doing all of the above.

I figure my life's purpose is to listen to God and obey. 

John Maxwell Certified Speaker
Disc Personality Assessment Certified
Ordained Minister - but don't let that stop you! 

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