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Big Rock Leader

         Speaking and Training

Passionate about helping you identify where you are at and where you really want to go

BIg Rocks

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Life is filled with joy and pain.


The way I see it, there are two types of rocks in this life.  One type of rock is worth collecting, remembering and building upon.  These Big Rocks are the experiences that give us direction and hope; they point us in the right direction and give us solid footing and a sure path.   


Conversely the other is the type of rock that gets in our way and blocks our path.  For most life includes some kind of challenge, and at times life altering pain and devastating loss.

"Pain prompts us to face who we are and where we are.  What we do with that experience defines who we become."     John Maxwell

I would love to help you identify the Big Rocks that will spur you on and how to deal with the Stumbling Stones that trip us up.  I am passionate about helping individuals and teams identify where they are at and where they want to go.


How Can I

Help You?

Still not sure? I get it, maybe you don't know me from Adam!  I am always up for a phone call, Zoom, or Skype.  Or if I am close enough I will come to you.  I would love to talk to you or your leadership group, board, etc. for a complimentary mini-session so you can kick the tires.  Watch a sample presentation by clicking here.

Training workshops and Retreats

Choose from the individual interactive Big Rock workshops, or build multiple sessions for the complete retreat experience.  Most workshops can be done in person or in a virtual format.


Honest, genuine, inspiring, story telling, infused with practical application.

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